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Project Shoes

For more information, email the Project Shoes Committee at

Project Shoes is one of our signature projects, which  was adopted by the General Federation of Woman's Clubs, as well as BJWC, in 1993. We provide shoes and/or socks to identified children in our local community based on referrals made by School Social Workers, the Department of Social Services, and/or other local agencies. We want to be certain that the recommendations made are for children that are truly in need of our help; however, we will not require proof of the family's income or need. We will act solely based upon the referring party's good judgment.

The Project Shoes Referral/Request Form is available here.

Please allow us 5 - 7 days to purchase the shoes. Once the shoes have been purchased, arrangements for pick up or drop off will be made based on the instructions provided on the referral form. It will be up to agency or school staff to deliver the shoes to the child or the child's family. For the confidentiality of those involved, we do not deal directly with the families receiving shoes through this program.

Woman2Woman Project

For more information, email the Health & Wellness Committee at

The Woman2Woman Project began in conjunction with the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service in January 2018. After being made aware of the need for feminine hygiene products for the less fortunate and/or transient population in Alamance County, the Burlington Juniors chose to partner with the Greater Alamance Woman’s Club to provide emergency feminine hygiene products to women and adolescent girls who were receiving assistance from the Allied Churches of Alamance County Emergency Night Shelter, Our Sister’s House (a local domestic violence shelter), and the Southern Alamance Family Empowerment ministry (S.A.F.E.). The Burlington Junior Woman’s Club provided products to benefit 175 of the approximately 345 women and adolescent girls who are assisted by the aforementioned agencies each month.

In January 2019, the Woman2Woman Project donations were provided to the Southern Alamance Family Empowerment ministry (S.A.F.E.)., Benevolence Farm, and the Allied Churches of Alamance County Emergency Night Shelter. In January 2020, the Burlington Juniors facilitated the purchase of more than 850 feminine hygiene products as part of the Woman2Woman Project. These donations were provided to Graham Middle School for students in need.

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